Billy coaches the United States Naval Academy Triathlon Team.  He has been coaching the Navy Club sport since 2008.  In this time, he has lead the team to National Championships, but most importantly seen his role as imparting on the midshipman a passion for the sport and how triathlon can be a sport for life.  His athletes have gone on to race for the All-Armed Forces teams, but more importantly are represented in every area of the Navy and Marine Corps.  Triathlon is currently not an NCAA sport (work is being done to make it so in the next several years), but it is a highly competitive club sport.  The USNA Team is always interested in new athletes with a passion for sport and a desire to serve their country in the Naval Services. If you have interest in becoming a midshipman and joining the Naval Academy Triathlon Team, use the contact page. 

Billy also coaches and consults competitive and beginner triathletes all over the country. His professional coaching background includes USA Triathlon and USA cycling certifications.  As a Marine infantry officer, Billy spent much of his time getting his Marines mentally and physically prepared for their tasks in battle similar to prepping athletes for races and meets. Early in his coaching he coached Virginia Beach’s Cox High School Cross Country Team.
Billy believes in consistency in every aspect of life in order to become a better athlete. Sports should become not just a hobby but a positively integrated aspect of your life. He also considers triathlon much more than swim, bike, and run.  It is the obstacles in your life, in your training, and then on race day that you have to learn to mentally, emotionally, and physically hurdle on the way to your goals.

Billy’s passion as a coach comes from his long experience in sport and working with some of the best endurance coaches since he was very young. Contact Billy for his coaching and consulting services in both triathlon and running.