Most of my friends, whether pro athletes or weekend warriors, are nearing the end of their season. Many of them are headed to that race on the big island of Hawaii. Plus, there are many big races in the standard running and triathlon world. However, I am headed to the deserts of Southern California for something new- the Furnace Creek 508. I have spent a lot of time explaining this race over the last couple weeks and wanted to provide a quick summary of what I will be under-taking.

Furnace Creek 508 is a point to point ultra-cycling race where you can participate as a solo or a two or four man team. Although there is a seven mile neutral start, there is no drafting allowed and I will be required to adhere to all the traffic rules.  I will be a solo racer and thus will be required to have and will rely on a support crew riding in a follow vehicle. The follow-vehicle will have all my nutrition and cycling needs to include a second bike and wheel sets- riding multiple bikes is allowed.  I am required to ride a specific route of approximately 500 miles(thus the “508′) as designated by the race. It is basically a 500 mile TT.

The race route starts just east of Los Angeles (Santa Clarita) and heads north into the Mojave Desert over a mountain range into Death Valley and winds it’s way south to 29 Palms. Most people have no idea where this is, but my Marine friends will laugh at the fact I am doing a race ending in the heavily populated and beautiful 29 Palms (note, there is sarcasm in this sentence). 29 Palms is actually known more for it’s very large Marine Corps Base where you can shoot and blow up almost anything.

The race is not flat, although I am finding it won’t be the same kind of climbing I do here in Colorado- 27,000 ft of gain over 500 miles is solid but the Grand Loop that I did in early August was only 200 miles and almost 16,000 ft of gain and that was all above 5000 ft. I will be at sea level which will be lovely to enjoy some extra O2.

The race is open to about 70 solos and I am looking forward to racing a several of the best U.S. ultra cycling guys. I would not call it steep competition but then again this style of racing is very new to me. I have a very solid plan, some even more solid support, and hopefully some good fitness and legs to take me successfully over the 500 miles. I hope to add in some other details about the race and my plans over the week. I am doing a solid taper for this over 24 hour race and much of my prep now includes resting.

Having done ironmans for the last six years on a consistent basis, I am lucky to have sponsors on board for this race that were with me as a triathlete. GU, 2Xu, and a new product Cardo (I will blog more about them before the race) are all providing the necessary equipment nutrition support. Plus Colorado Multisport has gotten my rigs together pre-race. Most notably Ruckpack is acting as a presenting sponsor for me and Rob and his crew will be well represented. Since Ruckpack came off Sharktank his energy shot has been doing very well. My drivers will be awake and not jittery with boxes of Ruckpack and enough to share with other crews.


Enjoy Ruckpack’s commercial- shot in the desert- much like my race. I won’t be doing anything with that much contact, but hopefully a bit of the same intensity parceled across a long day.




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